The 133rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Forest Society

Date: March 27 (Sun.) – March 29 (Tue.), 2022

Venue: Yamagata Lifelong Learning Center Yugakukan (public symposium), online (research presentations)

Conference Schedule

Saturday, March 26 (day before the meeting)
13:00-17:00[JFS Events] Current Status and Future Direction of Forest Science Education at Four-Year Colleges and Universities -Perspectives on Engineer Education
Sunday, March 27
10:00-10:30Opening Ceremony
10:30-12:00Award Ceremony of the Japan Forest Society Prizes and Lectures by the Winners
11:30-13:00[JFS Events] Atsumare! Gakkai no Mori (lunchtime session)
13:00-16:30[Public Symposium] From the Forests of Tohoku – Mountain Culture and People’s Lives
Monday, March 28
9:00-12:00[Research Presentation] Symposiums with Invited Speakers and Theme sessions
13:00-17:00[Research Presentations] Symposiums with Invited Speakers, Theme sessions and Division oral presentations
16:30-18:00[JFS Events] Let’s learn about forestry studies and research at universities – with interaction between high school and university students
17:00-19:00[JFS Events] Networking Forum with Alumni Members and Asian Forestry Societies
17:00-20:00[JFS Events] Atsumare! Gakkai Forest (evening session)
Tuesday, March 29
9:00-12:00[Research Presentations] Division oral presentations
12:15-14:15[JFS Events] Diversity in Forestry Society
14:15-16:30[Research Presentations] Division oral presentations
16:30-17:30Closing Ceremony
March 27 (Sun.) – March 29 (Tue.)[Research presentations] Poster, oral (view/watch on demand)

Organizer, The Japan Forestry Society, The 133rd Japan Forestry Society Conference Committee

Contact: 1-23, Wakaba-cho, Tsuruoka-shi, Yamagata 997-8555, Yamagata University, Faculty of Agriculture, The 133rd Japan Forestry Society Meeting Committee

For Meeting Attendees

Participation in the online venue

The conference will be held at the online venue (conference platform “Claris”). A link to the online venue is posted above (it will be active from March 27 to 29). When you apply for participation, you can log in to the online venue using your [Web registration number] and [registered e-mail address]. Please make sure to bring a copy of your report with you.

Entering the Oral Presentation Room

The Zoom Meeting, where the symposium, theme session, and oral presentations by division will be held, located in the online venue. Rooms are linked to the “Room” of the meeting. When entering a room, please write your name (affiliation) in the name field and enter. Please make sure to turn off your microphone and camera. The Q&A session will be conducted orally as the chairperson. The following is a summary of the session. Please raise your hand using the “raise your hand” function, and after the chairperson has nominated you, turn on the microphone and speak. Also, please raise your hand using the hand-raising function. During the oral presentations (video streaming), questions may be asked via text input from the chat. During the meeting Video files of oral presentations can be viewed on-demand.

Viewing Poster Presentations

A list of poster presentation titles is posted in the online venue. Click on the title to see the list. Abstracts and posters are available for viewing. Q&A will be conducted by typing in a chat format.

Scientific Proceedings


The conference will not distribute a printed version of the Proceedings (Book of Abstracts) to meeting participants (they will be sold at a later date upon request). A pdf version of the proceedings can be downloaded by the above link. The abstracts of each presentation will also be posted on the meeting website around the middle of March. That will be posted in the online venue and can be viewed individually.

For Presenters

Submission of Presentation Files

For both oral and poster presentations, please submit your research presentation file in advance. Submission period is from February 1 to March 4, 2022 (strictly enforced). For information on how to prepare and submit your presentation file, please visit the conference website. Please refer to the website.

Oral Presentations

Theme sessions and Divsion Oral Presentations will be held at the Zoom Meeting. Please refer to the above “For Conference Attendees” section for details. Please enter each presentation room at least 10 minutes before the start of the session. Presentations must be made in accordance with the program. The presentation files submitted in advance will be distributed by the management staff in accordance with the program. No video or real-time presentation by the presenter will be allowed. Q&A sessions will be facilitated by the chairperson during the presentation time. The presentation will be conducted in real time (orally).

Poster Presentation

Presentation files submitted in advance will be posted in the online venue. Q&A sessions will be held during the posting period. The presentation will be conducted in the form of a talk. There will be no real-time Q&A (core time).

Symposiums with Invited Speakers

Each coordinator will be responsible for managing the event, and presenters are requested to follow their instructions. Presenters are not required to submit their research presentation files to the conference steering committee in advance.